For more than 20 years, Guangdong Warmtact Electrical heating Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Warmtact Electrical heating) has been focusing on the research and development graphene electric heating film core technology and the manufacture of graphene electric underfloor heating system. Has been committed to graphene electric underfloor heating system safety and comfort of technological innovation, in the industry has a high reputation. Warmtact Electrical is founded by Mr. Jia Yuqiu, a well-known "technology madman in the electric heating film industry", and serves as the chief engineer, and has the "technical patent" of independent research and development of graphene heating slurry as well as advanced intelligent and automatic production equipment. 

Master the core technology of electric heating film

Core technology

Firmly and unrepentantly embarked on a glorious road to master the core technology and build a national brand.

Warm abundant product display

Warm abundant product display



Widely used in special industries such as house heating, high-speed rail and oil pipeline heating, animal husbandry and facility agriculture, medical health industry, etc.

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Brand dynamics

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